Property Crimes

Misdemeanor Property Crimes in Atlanta

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Most people know that it’s against the law to steal property from another individual, a business, the government, or any other entity, but did you know that intentionally damaging someone else’s property can also carry criminal consequences? Property crimes are a fairly common type of misdemeanor charge, and if you’re not careful you could find yourself facing some serious penalties from your prosecution. If you’re accused of damaging property, it’s strongly advised you seek legal counsel to help you fight back in court.

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Property Damage

Damaging someone else’s property is the most common property crime. While it might feel good to get sweet revenge on an ex-lover or boss who screwed you over by bashing in their tail lights on their beloved car, it could land you behind bars if they decide to press charges. Second-degree property damage is considered a misdemeanor, and covers property damage valued at up to $500. However, damaging a public utility, endangering a human life, or doing the damage with an explosive is a felony.

Government Property

Interference with government property is also a “wobbler” crime, meaning it could be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on your circumstances. The misdemeanor offense involves forcibly obstructing traffic to or from a government property, including a public utility such as a fire station or police station.

Smash & Grab Theft

A “smash and grab” theft involves smashing into a retail display, either through a window, door, or display case, and stealing the property that is inside. If the value of this property is less than $500, you will face misdemeanor property damage charges as well as theft crime charges for the property stolen. If the value exceeds $500, you will face felony charges.

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