What is a DIY Divorce?

Many people wish to cut the high cost of a divorce by taking the situation into their own hands. This act of handling your own divorce is often called a DIY divorce, or do-it-yourself divorce. When you take on this responsibility on your own, it can be quite a lot to handle, which is why it is so important that you are prepared, equipped, and well-informed.

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Cutting Costs In A Divorce

People are rarely fully prepared for the reality of a divorce. Most people try to make the marriage work somehow, by improving communication or seeing a marriage counselor. However, not all relationships are reparable. If you and your spouse decide to divorce, there are a few considerations to make before you even begin filing. Divorce is expensive, so doing the following can help you cut the overall costs of the process.

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It’s About the Money, Honey.

They say that money is the root of all evil. That evil has the potential to cause chaos in divorce. When it comes to divorce it seems all issues revolve around money and the kids.

So what can you do to prepare yourself to take care of your own needs and be reasonable within the financial negotiations that will inevitably happen?

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