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Blog Posts in July, 2017

  • How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

    If you’re facing criminal charges, you likely understand that being convicted could lead to severe consequences, such as years in prison and high legal fines. Having a skilled Atlanta attorney on your side will make a huge difference in your case. However, hiring a lawyer can be costly. There are a few things you should consider in advance before hiring an attorney. Representing Yourself It’s ...
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  • Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

    It’s no surprise that bankruptcy takes a massive toll on your credit score. Although the damage can last up to 10 years, it’s impact will fade over time. With the right plan, you can begin making an effort to improve your credit score before right after bankruptcy. Here are a few general tips that you should take to rebuild your credit. 1. Pay Bills on Time One of the easiest ways to rebuild your ...
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