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Blog Posts in 2014

  • Don't be a Stranger in a Strange Land

    A recent poll asked “If you ever tried to represent yourself, was the judge biased against you for not understanding the law or courtroom procedure?” 95% of people who answered said “Yes”, and almost half of people felt that the judge turned against them for not knowing the proper procedures . Think about it another way; imagine you and a friend were traveling to China. Your friend speaks Chinese ...
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  • Violence & Threats

    Not only is divorce the time when people show their worst side, it can also be the most dangerous time in an abusive relationship . When an abuser begins to feel he is losing control of his or her spouse is when the most violence occurs. The Georgia Domestic Violence Hotline is 800-334-2836. It’s important to carefully evaluate your situation and decide how best to proceed with initiating a ...
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  • She's an Attorney - Not Your BFF

    You know it’s so easy to call 678-791-0734, schedule a convenient time and location to meet with a Justice Cafe attorney, and pre-pay for an affordable $75. In fact when you meet with your skilled, compassionate, and likable attorney, you just might want to ask him or her to meet you for lunch! It’s tempting to lean heavily on your Justice Cafe attorney because those unbundled, affordable services ...
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  • It's About the Money, Honey.

    They say that money is the root of all evil. That evil has the potential to cause chaos in divorce. When it comes to divorce it seems all issues revolve around money and the kids. So what can you do to prepare yourself to take care of your own needs and be reasonable within the financial negotiations that will inevitably happen? First gather every piece of paper with a dollar sign that is part of ...
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  • Divorce is a Snow Storm

    Here in Atlanta a few inches of snow has always caused havoc. The only real surprise is that we are surprised. Divorce, like bad weather, is complicated: Divorce is often unexpected by one of the parties Divorce interrupts almost every aspect of our lives It is easy to blame the other guy for the divorce mess Divorce navigation is treacherous Whether you are the one who instigated the divorce or ...
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