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At Justice Café, we believe that each and every person in our nation should have access to affordable and top-quality legal service. Though there is a small percentage of the population that can easily afford to have a lawyer on call at all times, most of us do not have this luxury. In a study conducted by The Supreme Court of Georgia, Equal Justice Committee on Civil Justice in 2008, it was discovered that those in low to moderate income households have a staggering need for affordable legal service. 75% of those who responded to the survey reported having tried to resolve legal matters on their own, and 17.1% took no action at all.

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Providing Affordable Legal Service for All

Quality legal representation and assistance should not simply be a privilege for the few who are well-off enough to afford it . Legal representation should be a right for all the people of the United States. This is why the Manely Law Firm, P.C. created The Justice Café. In this revolutionary model of legal services, low-cost legal services are available to anyone who may need it for the price of $85 an hour, with up to 15 hours of service with a one-time processing fee of $25. With three locations in the State of Georgia, anyone can now have access to a cheap, yet skilled attorney.

We call our system The Justice Café because we are serving justice a la carte. You will get assistance from licensed attorneys who provide you with affordable counsel and representation to move forward confidently in your case. We are available to help with all kinds of legal matters, including family law, criminal defense, juvenile crimes, drafting wills or trusts, and landlord/tenant law.

Our low-cost attorneys can offer the following services and more:

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