Driving Under the Influence

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Many times, a DUI charge is considered a misdemeanor in Georgia. It is possible for a DUI to be upgraded to a felony, but most first- and second-time DUI charges are labeled a misdemeanor. These charges can face expensive penalties. You cannot afford to lose your driver’s license or have your vehicle impounded, so you need affordable, experienced legal representation.

Penalties for a Misdemeanor DUI

The penalties for a misdemeanor DUI are varied and increase in severity with each conviction for a DUI within a certain period of time. For first time offenders, the penalties may include:

  • Maximum 12 months in jail
  • 12 months of probation
  • $300 to $1,000 in fines
  • 20 to 250 hours of community service
  • DUI Alcohol or Drug Risk Reduction Program completion
  • Clinical evaluation for substance abuse
  • License suspension for 12 months

When Is a DUI Considered a Felony?

A DUI is typically a misdemeanor according to Georgia law, but aggravating factors can increase the charges to a felony. A DUI will be considered a felony if:

  • Someone is seriously injured
  • Someone is killed
  • This is your fourth conviction in 10 years

Felony DUI charges bear much steeper penalties than misdemeanor charges. If you are faced with a felony charge, contact an experienced felony DUI attorney.

Your Misdemeanor DUI Defense

If you have been accused of a misdemeanor DUI, you need affordable, skilled defense. Our Atlanta DUI lawyers offer personalized legal counsel. We can help you understand your charges, explain what to expect, and answer any questions. If you need your questions answered, or help to research legal matters, contact our team. Our à la carte legal services keep your costs down and allow you flexibility to get the help you need. We can help you prepare for court, and you can count on us to support you through the proceedings.

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