Online Divorce Services May Not Be the Best Way to Cut Costs

Websites offering online divorces have become extremely popular in recent years. The services are typically promoted with extremely-low prices. While these sites offer various options, those filing their divorces online risk obtaining insufficient advice regarding finances and children.

It is important to understand that divorce can be highly complex. It would be difficult for a client to receive a complete and thorough evaluation of their case without a one-on-one meeting with a family law attorney. Issues such as living arrangements, as well as child custody and support, are often complicated.

Even if your divorce does not involve any children or any significant assets can develop into hotly contested and frustrating legal actions. An online managed divorce cannot adequately handle cases where there is the existence of, or the possibility of, an imbalance of power between each party, or if one party is withholding information or being obstructive.

Remember, these online providers are not acting as attorneys. They are only used to fill out paperwork and file it in the correct way, which can be an overwhelming task for those who are not familiar with divorce laws and the legal system itself.

Lastly, there are some scam online divorce websites out there. So before you file anything online, do your research.


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