What is a DIY Divorce?

Many people wish to cut the high cost of a divorce by taking the situation into their own hands. This act of handling your own divorce is often called a DIY divorce, or do-it-yourself divorce. When you take on this responsibility on your own, it can be quite a lot to handle, which is why it is so important that you are prepared, equipped, and well-informed.

In a DIY divorce, you will file your own divorce papers with your spouse. Most of the divorce process will be in your hands, and you will have little interference from an attorney or the court. By going this route, couples are able to save money, time, and much of the hassle and contention that comes with litigation. However, in order to get the most out of a DIY divorce, it is important that both parties are able to work together.

When you choose to move forward with a do-it-yourself divorce, it is important that you and your spouse establish ground rules and are able to work together to fill out the divorce papers. Divorce is usually a complex process, and there are many different aspects that should be considered.

Divorcing couples must reach agreements regarding the division of their properties, whether or not spousal support will be paid and, if so, how much. If the couple shared any children from their marriage, they must also negotiate child support payments and a child custody arrangement. Coming together to find peace with these decisions is usually the most difficult part, and if both parties are able to reach the necessary agreements they will likely be able to finish a DIY divorce on their own.

Instead of spending an untold amount of money on excessive legal fees, a DIY divorce enables you to put that money aside for when it is really needed. While this process may not be for everyone, there are a number of ways it can benefit individuals and couples in any situation. Good candidates for DIY divorce are typically very well acquainted with how they would like their divorce to proceed but may require minimal assistance from a legal representative. If a DIY divorce sounds doable given your situation, our firm can help.

Our attorneys at the Justice Cafe, By the Manely Firm PC, we provide a variety of legal services to enable individuals and couples to handle their divorce or other legal issues at a low cost. We can help with preparing the essential documents, drafting agreements, and reviewing documents or court orders when necessary.

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