She’s an Attorney – Not Your BFF

You know it’s so easy to call 678-791-0734, schedule a convenient time and location to meet with a Justice Cafe attorney, and pre-pay for an affordable $75. In fact when you meet with your skilled, compassionate, and likable attorney, you just might want to ask him or her to meet you for lunch!

It’s tempting to lean heavily on your Justice Cafe attorney because those unbundled, affordable services are such a good deal – and they are such nice people. But it is counter-productive. Your attorney’s strength is helping you navigate the legal system. Just remember, keeping that attorney doing just the legal part though is good money management.

Instead of leaning on your attorney to help you feel better, find a good therapist. (Oh, and you aren’t crazy just because you are seeing someone to help you sort through your emotions.) If you are involved in almost any of the weighty matters handled in The Justice Café, a little bit of crazy and overwhelm just comes with your situation.) You’ve been smart enough to choose The Justice Café to resolve your simple legal issues, now be smart enough to add another resource to your team.

The following are nonprofits that offer subsidized, affordable, or free care and support groups:

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